Keltiey - Need

Keltiey - Need
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Текст песни
I love you, Jae

I just need you baby, baby, baby
You ain't been coming 'round lately, lately, lately
Yeah, you can't escape me or shame me, 'cause baby
You ain't been here lately, lately, lately
You wanna go around the world
Searching for any girl
Just gotta give me the word
'Cause I don't wanna be a burden
If this ain't workin'
I don't wanna be hurting
'Cause it's just flirting
Do not disturb me if you're just gonna curve me
Move around and just leave, I don't wanna be another link
Yeah, I'm learning, observing this knowledge
Patterns, know you got options
Maybe it's time we stop talking
Maybe it's time we move on, then
You must think I'm stupid
You must think I'm clueless
Already been through this
Keep on dreaming lucid
I don't really need you now
So you can keep from coming around

You just need me baby, baby, baby
Yeah I know you're craving, craving, craving
But you cannot play me, play me, play me
Yeah, you need me baby, baby, baby
You ain't gonna have my heart breakin, breakin, breakin
Yeah, you had me waitin, waitin, waitin
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